Desember 10, 2010


two days ago, I was sitting in front of my macbook dreaming about going to Paris "some day." Last night, I booked a trip that will not only take me halfway around the world, but it will keep me on the road for pretty much ɑ year. Wew! It's gonna be ɑ long long trip I've ever had. Yesss! Yesssss! Yeeeeessss! am I  dreamin? whoop whoop whoop!

I can speak English but still not pretty much like Cinta Laura as well. but I certainly don't speak any of the languages used in western Europe, France, or Netherlands. Or going to Southern Europe like Spain
or Greece. I envision lots of things getting lost in translation. Looks like it's time to start reading everything from Uncle Google ever written as my online guide. Is it  enough?

I'll be traveling alone. So much for strength in numbers! Thanks God I'm not ɑ picky eater. But who knows  what kinds of situations I'm putting myself into! I hope I will find any mini market like 7/11, cicle k or something like that to buy some of snacks and chocolate bread. I can live with that :). I have a feeling I will get mighty homesick, as I've never been out of the country for more than three weeks…the longest of my life abroad which was my Internship at Singapore just for 3 weeks. I called it "abroad" because I worked there for a specified period of time, had experience interacting with Singaporean, or foreigner (let's we called them "bule") and this time not only for holidays as usual. it's not too difficult because everyone know that Singapore is a neighbor of Indo but much better in terms of the country's development. eiit eitttt eiitt why I was talking about this issue too deep? let's back to the topic, a one-year trip around europe that I have booked last night. *evil grin

I'm worried that something bad will happen that I can't get out of. Not include at my plan list on doing anything illegal (I don't use drugs, and didn't even start drinking), but I really don't want to end up in a jail strung up by my toes.

Now, fortunately the same reasons that I scare me also excite me. I don't speak the languages in Europe, so I'll have to start learning them. I also have to become resourceful, rely on my instincts, learn to navigate foreign environments, operate outside my comfort zone, expand my horizons when it comes to food, learn to deal with homesickness, and talk my way out of various situations. I don't really know from where I have this vision in my head. I don't care! the one that I know this is a fantastic way to find out what I'm made of.

I understand that not everybody can just pack up and leave for a year, so I know this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I figure I might as well do this now when I'm 24, no husband, kids, or mortgage, because who knows what will happen a year from now. I plan on packing full of awesome stories, both good and bad, about the whole adventure. I'm looking forward to working on the road, exercising in unique locations, meeting amazing people, and going on some pretty epic adventures.


something hit my hand and I'm so shock! you know what bloggers? I'm on my bed, wearing my favorite pajamas and mommy was hit the mosquitos on my hand while I sleep. It's still 4am in the morning and I was dreamin.

thanks mom, you make me realize that it was just a DREAM. but I still got "someday" :)

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