Desember 08, 2010

what are you doing, mommy? | how are you, daddy?

about mommy: 

The closest part in my life is the one that is shared by me as a daughter and her as a mother. It's like a bittersweet relationship, which goes through ups and downs and ups and downs (even it's too much the downs part -__-) in life and in the end, still turns out to be the most intimate of all the other relations. In childhood, I love to play, because i'm good at that. as a mommy little girl, I try copies my mom and wants to be just like her. Smears my face with mom's lipstick and models her earrings and high heels, wanting to be just like mommy. But i do not like applies a nail polish, it's more interesting to play with creams-smothering motion and her loose powder. hahahahaaaaa...I am a smart kid! I tries to do every thing that I sees my mommy doing.

When it comes I am as her "big girl", fights are so common, be it because of the wide age gap between us or due to the mom being over protective of me as her daughter or owing to the fact that she's still treats me a grown-up daughter like a kid. However, everyone says it's natural. More people says we should try to understand our two-way viewpoint and at the same point and try to appreciate the perspective of each other. (Honestly, theory makes me wanna cry! REAAALLY) !

So, who's the person that I talk about?

her name is DEVIE BRIGIDA. and her hobby is playing farmville on facebook all day long..hmm day and night. A beautiful half old lady with single status. I do not really know what the hard reason for being single until now. If you really want to know, just ask her personally :)

my mommy's hand that Rocks Cecil's World.

about daddy:

Daddy? hmm..I am totally blank to tell a detail story about me and you when i was a little. The reason is when i were three years old, wake up in the morning, i did not see you as a part of my life. But this little girl know how to pretending and smiling when everyone ask "where's your daddy" ? Sometimes I wanna like Anna, her daddy showed how to dribble the ball. Susan's Daddy always pick her up from school every friday and saturday. When I go to Amanda's house on Sunday, I heard her daddy singing Sesame Street songs with her little brother. Sometime, I wanna be like that. Never mind :)

A wonder kid is never bad. A wonder kid makes daddies glad.
because you're my daddy. whatever the condition from the past.
I love you.
Let's check this out! His name just like his looks. Handsome..hahaa..DHIPA ARKHEND
This year he's turn 50 years old hmm I guess..but he's really handsome for his age. Do not tell him because he know too well the handsome part of him -__- 
Well, that's it. Let we just skip the other story. Shall we? It's too long and it's not too important for now.

Each of us has a story of life. Good or bad that's a gift from God. But as a human, I am just too ordinary to always get the good point of it. I am not a natural motivator even for my self. I wish it's natural. With all what happened, the clock is running and tomorrow already waiting. That's the theory and I know it very well. But not that easy. Seriously. 

As a girl from divorcing parent, I am a very a good girl indeed. Ask my mom for more details :) but deeply from just a good, I've been on crisis sometimes, secretly blame my self why I'm too quick to grown enough to understand what's going on. Obviously, I got a different psychological thingy with other kids who's got a complete parents. Scars are everywhere! hohoooo

uups sowwwwyyy, kenapa jadi curhat gini yee!

whatever like i said, I love my mommy and daddy.


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