Februari 01, 2011

he is an unwise man
at the beginning everything looks good, age-appropriate, proportionate and trying to looks reasonable

glad there is now we have kind of social media that can show the attitude and the nature expression of a person so that we can find out the good and the bad as an outline

until now, I still felt funny to see a man that I think is proportional enough to become an adult, still enjoy writing about the obvious status of his feelings twice a day. or fill a comment on his friends status. I called it as a hobby. one of his fav hobby

and sometimes, he did not realize had hurt other people such as women who have not known. but when he feels someone hurt him back, he didn't want to accept the reality

it's quite fun.

then I strongly agree with the statement,

when age grown up, physical also. but not necessarily with the level of maturity

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